Attribution Surveys

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
— John Wanamaker, Marketing Pioneer

There are several ways your customers can discover your business. Whether it’s from word of mouth, billboards, or online advertisements. Understanding where they came from is a valuable way to measure which marketing channels have the highest ROI. You can quickly determine the marketing dollars bringing the most bang for your buck, and where your advertising is being wasted.

What is an Attribution Survey?

The good news is, collecting this data is easy with an Attribution Survey. This simple survey asks your customers one question: “how did you hear about us?”, with a list of responses. Attribution surveys are sent immediately after the first purchase in the customer journey.

Attribution Survey Benefits

Spending money on marketing is essential for growth in your company. An attribution survey helps measure where your customers discovered your brand. It’s easy to cut marketing waste when you know where your most profitable customers are coming from.

Attribution surveys can also give you insight into new marketing pathways you may have not known existed. Giving customers an “other” option where they can enter in a unique source can be beneficial in finding better ways to market your business. Giving your customers a voice will give you valuable data and a real insight into where you’re reaching most of your customers. The customer experience is improved by advertising based on your customers’ wants and needs. Finding new customers becomes more efficient when you know where to focus.

Who Needs An Attribution Survey?

Attribution surveys are helpful for any cannabis brand interested in optimizing their marketing.
It’s especially powerful if you spread your media spend across offline channels like print and billboards.

Implementing Your Own Attribution Survey

At RipeMetrics, the attribution survey is one of the many surveys we offer in our suite of cannabis customer experience software. Set up a demo to learn more about how RipeMetrics can help you optimize your marketing spend, unlock new insights, and scale your revenue today!

RipeMetrics can Help you on your Journey to Build a World Class Cannabis Customer Experience

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