RipeMetrics is excited to introduce its fully automated Customer Experience (CX) solution to the cannabis industry.  With functionalities not yet offered in the cannabis marketplace, the RipeMetrics platform enables dispensaries and delivery services to build and grow a loyal customer base via retention, referral and reputation management in order to achieve bottom-line results.

RipeMetrics was formed due to the growing needs of the legal medical and recreational cannabis markets.  Unlike most industries in their infancy, the cannabis market is already flooded with companies competing for the same unsegmented target audience.  Given that traditional outbound and social media marketing are restricted in the cannabis space, it’s imperative that retailers utilize alternative means for creating differentiation and competitive advantage.  Hence, RipeMetrics was formed to enable companies to actively listen, engage and respond to customers in order to gain their trust, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Through the company’s easy-to-use platform, cannabis retailers can identify product/service issues, increase the number of repeat sales, maximize customer lifetime value, and create a unique value proposition for referral-based acquisition.  Additionally, the platform provides a means to directly engage with customers, which enables companies to reach out and resolve negative customer experiences before they become detrimental online reviews. With unparalleled reporting functionality, RipeMetrics also empowers business owners with critical insights to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The company will be launching additional platform functionalities in early 2020 that will not only meet the growing needs of retailers, but will also provide cannabis brands with vital customer insight and market analysis.