Increase your sales by at least 73%, without changing your staff or marketing budget.

“How to increase your dispensary sales by 73% without spending an extra dime on marketing”
“How to increase your dispensary sales by 73% by doing Customer Experience (CX) right”
Boost your marketing ROI by 40% with just 3 hours of effort per year

Use this intro:
In this post, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know so that you can increase your sales by at least 73%, without changing your staff or marketing budget.

Case Studies

Once we have them, they go here – case studies beat testimonials 10 days out of 10. Remember: Case study is what allows us to say “They started at 100k/month in sales. They started using our platform. Within 3 months, they were doing $150k/month in sales.**

How Do you Benefit?
This is for Dispensary Owners with:
At least $1M in annual revenue
The desire to add an extra 73% – 150% or more in sales within the next 6 months.

Spending at least $25k/month in advertising/marketing

You’ve got a great product selection, good location, happy & knowledgable budtenders, but still most of your sales are happening with new customers, and your repeat purchase rates aren’t where you know they should be.

Or, even worse, you don’t know what your repeat purchase rate is, let alone what it should be.
In short – you’re spending an arm and a leg on marketing, and you’re getting tons of new customers walking through the door, but you don’t have the right practices in place to make sure they keep coming back over and over again.

It’s not your fault – everybody wants to sell you advertising, nobody is invested in helping you maximize the sales potential from your customers. Until now.

Differentiating Yourself from the Rest
The Sobering Truth:

You’re one of thousands of dispensaries, and left to their own devices, your customers have no particular reason to give any brand loyalty to you.

What we’ll show you on this page is how to jolt your customers out of that mindset, and to ensure that when it’s time to spend, those dollars are going to you, and not one of your thousands of competitors.

Adding 73% – 150% or more in sales is completely doable in less than 6 months, if you follow the right strategy (which we’ll lay out for you here).

We’re the only company that’s 100% focused on giving dispensaries the tools they need to dramatically improve their sales without spending more on marketing or staff.

Your Origin Story

At this point, you just made a bodacious claim that aligns to the prospect’s desires. They are likely to question your credibility and look for ways to debunk your claim.

You will use logos, track record, and background story to allay the prospect’s concerns.

Track Record and Achievement

Use this language template:

“Before we get into the steps and how tos, here is a quick background on our company, for credibility reasons.

We were founded in ( insert date ). Our partners ( insert achievement ). Our investors ( insert achievement ).
We have worked with ( insert credible company name ). We are endorsed by ( credible company name ).
We received ( insert award ), etc..”

Background Story

If the sales letter is the first point of contact between you and the prospect, you will likely need to include a quick background story to communicate history.

The background story is used “ground” yourself in the prospect’s mind.

Prospects are wondering why you are putting this content out in the first place. They need to know what your motives are, where you came from, why they should believe you and follow you.

If you are a founder, the prospect needs to know why you started the business in the first place.

You can use the following template when you are writing your background story: