Loyalty & Retention Designed for the Cannabis Industry

Conventional loyalty programs can not only cost but also waste the valuable resources meant for rewarding customer loyalty. The right Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform can help you personalize these programs’ effectiveness and profitability.

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The Average Loyalty Program

The traditional loyalty program is something most are familiar with; consisting of the occasional discount or coupon. However the majority of these rewards and incentives go to consumers who were likely to return anyway. This factor can not only make loyalty programs irrelevant but also wasteful for valuable marketing resources you could be spending elsewhere.

“Shoppers aren’t motivated by 1% – 2% in loyalty program rewards, it actually takes 10%+ to motivate buyers to be loyal”

Stop Rewarding Loyalty
the Old-Fashioned Way

Your engagement should be based on what they bought and when they bought it, not just frequency. A personalized and responsive approach to the specific products your customers purchased can make a dramatic difference in your marketing.

Ready to make sure you don’t lose for rewarding your loyal customers ?

58% of customers want a loyalty program that is tailored to fit the products they purchase

– Neilsen

Personalize Through
Customer Experience

A CMX Platform like RipeMetrics can help you reach these 58% of customers. We have developed an advanced messaging strategy that automates a responsive and personalized engagement based on the frequency, type, and time any individual product is purchased.

What our
Platform Can Do

Understand your customer at a glance. With RipeMetrics, you’ll have access to every important customer insight at a single glance. Help your team keep track of customer conversations, note, purchases, feedback, and communication history. Now, you can stop guessing and start providing your customers with a 5-star experience.

Not all Your Previous Customers are Gone

Correct, you can regain lost customers with this methodology as well! Through a complex series of carefully crafted engagement tools that are sent across multiple channels for a significant increase in conversion rates. Through a variety of dialogue flows and personalized communication. your past business can also return.