Business Intelligence Dashboard & Automated 1:1 Smart Personalized Communication with Your Customers

Intelligent Messaging Powered by Behavioral Science

RipeMetrics uses behavioral science, backed by leading data
about how to most successfully engage with your customers

A Simplified Tool That Puts You in Control

(without always needing to be there)

Our Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform utilizes data
with intelligent automation to increase loyalty, feedback and reviews

Simplify Retention Marketing & Gather Valuable Feedback

Don’t lose your opportunity to maximize active customers by 60-70%

Customer Engagement

Customers rate their experience
providing valuable feedback

Insightful Data

Easy to understand feedback is
displayed on the dashboard

A Complete Customer Experience Solution

Personalized Messaging
with Feedback

Computer Filtering to
Generate Positive Reviews
& Negative Feedback Alerts

Seamless Direct Chat
through our Enhanced
CRM Messaging Center

Create your own
Text Message Campaigns

Seamless Direct Chat
through our Enhanced
CRM Messaging Center

Monthly Reporting &
Employee Mgmt Tools

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