6 Key Components to Customer Experience

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CX Strategy

Customer experience is the interaction before and after between the customer and a business. Your CX Strategy should define plans to deliver a meaningful and positive experience. Start by identifying the brand’s values, vision, and mission statement of the company to be sure you are creating a customer centric approach.

Experience Design

Experience design focuses on customer personas and journeys . The goal is to get a deep understanding of the customer’s interests, expectations, and needs in order to be able to design a specific product and/or service for that audience you are targeting. Experience design focuses on satisfying customers because without customers you won’t have a running business.

Employee Engagement and Customer-Centric Culture

Just like it is important to maintain customers happy with your products and services, it is also key to maintain your employees satisfied as well. Providing your employees with the necessary resources to thrive in their position is beneficial to the company’s success.

Therefore, employers should introduce their employees to the company’s culture and demonstrate their skills align with the goals of the company and the responsibilities of the position. Engage with your employees from the beginning and be certain they feel appreciated and valued in their roles, and this is statistically proven to increase their work productivity and performance.

Voice of the Customer

The third component of customer experience is taking the voice of the customer into consideration. Listening, learning, and analyzing your target audience is essential if you want to build a connection with your customers. In fact, this is something all companies should put into practice. Feedback will allow you to get valuable information to get a deep understanding of your customer’s expectations and preferences which could also be useful to help you identify where your business needs improvement.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to connect with your customers and get feedback to let them know how important their contribution is to your company. This will increase the direct engagement between the company and the customer.

Metrics that Matter

Benchmarking and measuring improvement are factors that will allow a business to determine the best performance being achieved. This information will identify gaps in the organization and rectify them to achieve a competitive advantage. Social media plays an important role in the company because it portrays its reputation.


Some of the questions a company should be asking themselves are:

  • how is your customer loyalty and retention doing?
  • What is the Net Promoter Score?
  • What is your customer acquisition cost?

These are some of the most important metrics a company should measure to give you an overview of the current situation in your business.

Organizational Alignment and Accountability

Organizational alignment is based on the understanding of the short and long-term goals of the organization along with the role each team member has in order to reach those objectives. Communication amongst your team is crucial because it is important for everyone to be on the same page. It is certain that recognizing the impact of your team’s contribution as a whole or at an individual level is fundamental to achieve organizational alignment. This is when accountability takes place because transparency and communication amongst departments will create more engaged employees.

Every customer interaction matters, therefore, applying the six competencies of customer experience in your organization will allow the achievement of maximum potential. Remember that when the customer comes first, the customer will last! Learn more about how to build and grow strong relationships with your consumers.

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