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Email, SMS, CRM, and Business Intelligence — a unified customer platform that builds brand loyalty, drives conversions, and helps scale your business.


“The data, graphs and marketing personalization we get with the RipeMetrics platform is game-changing for our retail operations.”


Toby Morning

Love Delivery

CRM, Business Intelligence, Email Marketing & SMS

Sync All Your Sales Data

Get the complete story on every customer that visits—what makes them tick, and what makes them buy. No more guess work.

Ultra-specific segmentation

Send SMS and email based on a customer's behavior, products they like, and when they’re likely to buy again.

Self-sending messages

Dozens of built-in, fully customizable Superinteraction automations for

Better Data & Business Intelligence

Email, SMS, and Business Intelligence — a unified customer platform that builds brand loyalty, drives conversions, and helps scale your business.


“RipeMetrics is perfect for those who’ve used SMS before, and now lost a load of money because they can’t anymore. And it’s also a solution for people looking to increase their marketing potential.”


Paul Booth | The Brand Guy


Hate Messaging Censorship?

Major carriers like AT&T and Verizon block most marketing text messages sent by cannabis-related businesses to loyal customers — customers who’ve specifically opted-in and asked to receive news, updates, deals and promotions

Traditional SMS & MMS Can’t Be Delivered

Phone carriers block text messages containing CBD or cannabis-related marketing.

Luckily, now there’s a way to send compliant messages. This helps ensure customers receive the relevant communication they desire.

Our system allows you to send rich/engaging communication, in a safe and efficient way, helping build brand loyalty and drive conversions.

Deliver Engaging Experiences

RipeMetrics offers an advanced text messaging technology that gives you maximum deliverability.

You have the power to craft compelling and personalized messaging that’s displayed on a beautifully branded and mobile optimized landing page.

Combine the sky-high deliverability, open-rates, click-throughs and conversions of text messaging — with beautiful mobile optimized layouts and powerful narratives that prompt customers to take action.

Success Story

Elevated Stash is a Premium Smoker’s Subscription Box. With the power of RipeMetrics, Elevated Stash achieved a 98% delivery rate and 52% conversion with their customers.


They sold out of their “Bonsai Rig Box” within 2 days of sending their marketing campaign through RipeMetrics.



“The text definitely brought a bunch of people on. It’s a good way to NOT get flagged in the text world, and be able to say a lot more information.”

Steven Gurka, Elevated Stash

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