Valuable Customer Retention Strategies

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There are many strategies you can put in place to help increase customer retention.


For example, asking customers to leave a 5-star review for exchange of a discount or reward points is a good way to view the positive feedback your loyal customers share and this information is vital.

But the honest criticism gives you the opportunity to change and grow with your customers and the evolving business of cannabis.

Good customer service also plays a major role in keeping customers coming back. Customers who have a great experience are more likely to share their experience with others.

This will drive more traffic into your business. It takes a few positive experiences for a customer to feel loyal to a company. Consistency with customers is important to keep those customers on your radar.

Another strategy is to use a Experience Management (CEM) platform , which takes a customer focused approach to improving your business. Technology like this enables you to develop and build meaningful relationships with your customers.

This technology is an automated system that utilizes actionable market research and feedback management to amplify customer retention.

CEM technology allows you to analyze the customer side of transactions to improve sales and retention rates. You can create automated surveys that thank the customer for their loyalty as well as gently reminding them to refer others.

Being able to build loyalty between your business and your customers is what keeps them coming back.

Providing quality customer service is one of the most important ways you can do this.

Taking advantage of leading technologies allows you to get a detailed view on what exactly your business is either succeeding or struggling, giving you the power to make changes that will benefit your company.

RipeMetrics is the premier CXM for the cannabis industry . Sign up for a demo today to discover how RipeMetrics can help you on your journey to build a world class Cannabis Customer Experience.

RipeMetrics can Help you on your Journey to Build a World Class Cannabis Customer Experience

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