The First AI Native Customer Experience Platform for SMB's

AI Customer Service, Marketing & Relationship Management

Combine & simplify 4-8+ customer management platforms with an All-in-One solution that automates engagement across phone, email, text, and website chatbot with AI.


Experience For Yourself

Welcome to the live demo of our AI Customer Support chatbot designed for a fictional gym called Ignite Fitness. It's trained to provide information about the gym, memberships, classes, and more. Feel free to ask any questions and see how it can assist you.

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The Complete Solution for Success with Customers

RipeMetrics AI powers Marketing, Customer Service, and Business Intelligence that gives your customers a great experience.

AI Powered Customer Service

Automate & Manage all Customer Service through our omni-channel CRM communication theater

AI Enhanced Marketing

Improve marketing with AI, Automations & Personalization

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Make better decisions with already-built charts & data designed for your business needs

Customer Journey Messaging

Send ideal marketing using automations that personalize responses to each customers behaviors

NPS & Reputation Management

Generate Positive Reviews & Gather Valuable Feedback

Detailed Timely Reports

Monthly Performance Summaries & Powerful Employee Management Reports

The data, graphs and marketing personalization we get with the RipeMetrics platform is game-changing for our retail operations.

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Powerful Features that Improve Retention to Increase Sales

Enhance customer experiences and boost growth using our cross-channel solution powered by data insights.

Business Intelligence Data & Feedback

Did you know that almost 65% of business comes from repeat customers?

Gain access to valuable insights about current product trends, along with a deeper understanding of your organizational performance, to measure customer happiness and the success of your business strategies using real-time data

AI Enhanced Marketing

Just a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% to 95%

Leverage better tools to improve retention- And create, schedule and even automate personalized messages through Text, Email, Chat, Web Push, Social Media and easy Website Pages

AI Powered Customer Service

96% of buyers say Customer Service is the primary factor behind loyalty

Combine & simplify your customer engagement to improve efficiency in customer service and relationship management with our omni-channel communication theater

Add More Power with AI & Automations

Increase Customer Success, Drive Sales & Decrease Employee Costs

RipeMetrics uses AI, Behavioral Science, and Leading Data to create more success with customers

Send Messages that your Customers Want to See

RipeMetrics Messaging was built for businesses like you, who want to deliver compelling messaging that connects with their customers, builds brand loyalty, and drives more revenue.

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Automated & Personalized Customer Journey Messaging

Our automated SuperInteractions deliver contextual, personalized, and relevant messages to your customers at the right time, on the right channel, and at the right frequency.

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🍷 New Release 🍷

We're excited to introduce our newest release, the 2020 Roaring Tinto Blend! Exclusively for wine members, this delicious blend of Malbec, Cab and Zinfandel is a crowd-pleaser.

Craft campaigns with powerful narratives, beautiful layouts and compelling messaging that prompts customers to take action

Add a whole new layer of rich communication and in-depth messaging to announce new products, company updates, feature specials deals, and new products releases.

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Stella Winery

Stella Winery

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Manage your Reputation with feedback that is automatically gathered after customer purchases

Unlock the full potential of your business by collecting valuable feedback from your customers, anywhere and anytime. Identify areas for product and service improvement, and use the data to drive business growth and success.

Mobile Push Notifications

Make sure your message is the first thing customers see when they open their phones. Mobile push notifications help maximize engagement and minimize churn.

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RipeMetrics is perfect for those who’ve used SMS before, and now lost a load of money because they can’t anymore. And it’s also a solution for people looking to increase their marketing potential.

Paul Booth | The Brand Guy


Monthly Location Performance Summaries & Powerful Employee Management Reports

Monthly ReportsMonthly Reports

Success Story

Elevated Stash saw a 52% sales conversion rate, leveraging the power of RipeMetrics.



"The text definitely brought a bunch of people on. It’s a good way to not get flagged in the text world, and be able to say a lot more information."

Steven Gurka, Elevated Stash


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