Be Strategic with Text, Email & Direct Mail

Retain more Customers and gather Feedback using Behavioral Science & Data to improve your Product lines, Operations & Marketing

Optimize & Automate the Customer Experience

A Simplified Tool That Puts You in Control
(without always needing to be there to control it)

Our CXM solution will empower you to create your own custom targeted campaigns, and utilize data tools with computer intelligence automation, all to increase loyalty, feedback and reviews (while simplifying customer communication)

Simplify Retention Marketing and Gather Valuable Feedback

Customer Engagement

Customers give reviews that offer essential insight about products and services in Performance Measures, Net Promoter Scoring (NPS), other Key Value Metrics & Leading Indicators

Insightful Data

Feedback appears on your dashboard instantly. Employees can tag, search and filter results to respond & resolve any concerns immediately.

Improved with Behavioral Science

We work with a behavioral psychologist to craft demographic & psychographic customer journey surveys and messaging. Creating a better mechanism for capturing and utilizing valuable feedback.

Start your Journey Building a World Class Customer Experience

The Importance of CX
(Customer Experience)

In a dynamic and saturated market, you have to stand out through a customer-centric approach. But it’s much more than delivering superior customer service
Start your Journey Building a World Class Customer Experience

“We’re using RipeMetrics to learn about what products our customers want, don’t want and what flaws there are in our service. It’s extremely valuable because we’re able to update our product selection and business practices based on the feedback we receive. We’re making improvements that will give customers what they want.”

Sean Spicer

Director of Marketing, M Delivers

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World Class Customer Experience

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