Cannabis Customer Experience Management

Increase Sales and Profits with A Focus on Customer Experience

Access valuable customer feedback and data for improved retention
using engagement tools that help you quickly catch & resolve issues

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More Meaningful Data,
a greater range of Insightful Feedback,
and the best Customer Experience Management

Create & Manage the Customer Experience​

With RipeMetrics CX Platform, you achieve the ability to enhance every experience and entice customers to return

Customer Experience

Elevate loyalty. Capture customer thoughts and make improvements to be a stronger competitor. Understand your customer base and use their input to create experiences that increase demand.

Product Experience

Ensure customers love and seek your products. Test new ideas and gain valuable user feedback for product lines that exceed customer expectations. Quickly adapt to the evolving changes in the cannabis marketplace.

Business Experience

Understand important customer service touchpoints between budtenders and consumers. Track sales and performance. Gain insights about your operation to make needed adjustments for increased productivity & efficiency.

Make Decisions based on the
Most Valuable Information in Cannabis

We use NPS Scores, Attribution Surveys, and other Valuable Measures to collect the insights you need to Be a Leader in Your Market
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Be Better Than Ever

Warnings to
Get Ahead of Issues

Receive immediate Text & Email Alerts about problems and bad reviews

Respond instantly to customer issues through our Messaging Center

Identify and track ongoing customer problems, poor employee performance, and bad products

Guidance to
Improve Performance

Build a deeper understanding of performing products and developing trends

Monitor the performance of your employees, and the history of your customers

Take action to improve sales and increase profits with better information & guidance

Tools to
Positively Impact Business

Our automated ChatBot increases employee efficiency and improves customer service - 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

Communicate with many customers instantly and quickly through our Messaging Center

Connect to your customers in ways that are more engaging and convenient for them

Increase your profitability, revenue, growth and customer retention with RipeMetrics. Ready to learn more?

The Importance of CX (Customer Experience)

In a dynamic and saturated cannabis market, you have to stand out through a customer-centric approach. But it’s much more than delivering superior customer service

Customer Experience is about creating a customized journey that takes into account your customers’ purchases, behaviors, and feedback to make intelligent decisions that feed your bottom line

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measure the performance of your marketing. 80% of customers prefer companies with personalized engagement
improve customer retention. 2% increase in retention equals the profits of reducing costs by 10%
measure the performance of your marketing. 80% of customers prefer companies with personalized engagement

Great Customer Experience can bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag behind in CX

49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a personalized experience

Loyal customers are 5X more likely to buy again and 4X more likely to make a recommendation

On average, customers tell 9 people about positive experiences, but 16 about negative experiences

A Simplified Tool That Puts You in Control (without always needing to be there to control it)

Our CX solution will empower you to create your own custom targeted campaigns, and utilize data tools with computer intelligence automation, all to increase loyalty, feedback and reviews while simplifying customer communication
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A Platform for Cannabis Companies to Curate the Customer Experience

Features that create a competitive advantage through measurable results

Targeted Messaging & Campaigns

Engage with your customers through personalized campaigns that you create, and you control. Track product purchases, build a specific list to target the right audience, and deliver timely messaging that supports your marketing & sales goals

Reputation Management

Consumers look to online reviews for input about their shopping decisions. One bad experience can influence many future purchases. Catch and resolve negative experiences to reduce harmful reviews and encourage positive ones

Customer Retention & Referral

Acquiring new customers is expensive, with estimates that it can be 8x-10x more costly to get new customers than retain existing. Keep your customers and incentivize their loyalty & referrals for increased sales and decreased marketing costs

CX Feedback Management

Take advantage of intelligent automated engagement that works to help you develop relationships and build a loyal customer base 24 / 7 / 365. Over time, customers receive short follow-up surveys about many aspects of their experience, offering important guidance for you

Nearly 15 Survey Types

We give you valuable insight and important information about improving your operation, from our array of behavioral psychologist approved and psychographically crafted Customer Journey surveys- Which are based on your specific business

RipeMetrics Surveys in 3 Steps

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Automatic Survey

Customers are thanked after a purchase and then asked to complete a simple 3-4 question survey about their experience

nps rating score for smartphone

Customers Engage

Your products and services are reviewed using Attribution Surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other valuable measures that provide valueable data over the relationship

dashboard view of software on tablet

Dashboard Update

Feedback appears on your dashboard instantly. Employees can tag, search and filter results to respond & resolve any concerns immediately.

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