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About Us

We leverage technology to optimize and automate the customer journey with richer engagement on an individually personalized level, while gathering important feedback from the most important audience for your business: Your Customers.

Our Customer Experience theater is built on the most current data about consumer behaviors to create a better loyalty system with stronger relationships, and increase retention & referrals – All on top of measuring your marketing performance.

It’s all about personalizing the customer experience, and increasing touch points in a gentle but effective way, while asking for customer feedback that increases psychological ‘buy in’ to create genuine loyalty.

Our Mission

The RipeMetrics mission is to elevate Customer Experience for small and mid-sized retailers. We provide intelligence tools helping companies capture voice of customer feedback to make better informed decisions, increase loyalty and cut marketing waste.

The Values We Stand For

Positive Communication

We don’t judge. Everyone should feel comfortable and confident to share their thoughts and ideas. With open communication and collaboration, we can learn, overcome, and succeed together.

Customers at the Heart of Business

As a Customer Experience company, we’re obsessed with our customers. We want to ensure we deliver exceptional products that produce meaningful results.

Act with Integrity

We’re honest, transparent and committed to working with customers and employees in mind. We believe in doing the right thing because there’s no alternative.

Culture of Fun

Fun should be part of everything we do. By not taking ourselves too seriously and rooting fun in our culture, our creativity, efficiency and effectiveness excel.

Diversity, Collaboration and Growth

We’re a team of diverse individuals committed to supporting each other through challenging times and celebrate an environment committed to personal and professional growth.

Community and Cause

We believe in our power to help and support our community. Through acts of service and involvement, we are committed to those who work and live in our community.

Seek challenges

Navigating the ambiguous and negative can be uncomfortable, but together, we persevere under pressure.

Driven by Ambition

We’re not satisfied with just good. We want to create products that endure the test of time. Never sacrificing long-term results for short-term gains.

Our Leadership

Chris Boudreau

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Davis

Founder & President

Shawn Veltman

Chief Technology Officer

Drew Kroft

Software Architect

Behind the Scenes

RipeMetrics has an obession with Customer Experience and naturally we have injected this passion into the design of our platform from the ground up.


The Sum is
Greater than the Parts

We have made sure our software was as efficient, intuitive, and informative as possible with the dedicated work of our developers, designers, and industry specialists. RipeMetrics is continuously innovated on by both ambitious ideas and practical usability.
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